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Firming facials for the needle phobic

20/01/2011 at 11:27:57 | by Liz Tilton
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If forehead lines are ageing you fast and a fringe just isn't an option, try an Environ Frown Facial, which reduces muscle tension and, in turn, those lines.
What's the routine? "Most people develop frown lines eventually, but people who are worriers or under stress can get them sooner," says therapist Tracy Tamaris. This half facial, half hi-tech treatment uses classic cleansing, toning, massage and masks, but with the added clout of soundwaves and galvanic current to ease forehead tension.
After deep cleansing and toning, a frown serum, together with vitamins A and C, is applied to the eye and frown area, and a low-frequency sound wave is applied via an Ionzyme machine. Don't overthink the technology side - just understand that it's said to increase the effects by up to 40 times. A cool hydrating mask is then painted over the whole face, and electrodes are attached to it to help it pass through the horny barrier layer of the skin. Then comes a finishing massage - so soothing!
The result? Skin looks and feels beautifully soft, fresh and calm. The effect can be maintained by using the frown serum at home.


Waistlines get muffin tops, faces get wobbly jowls. But Accent, desigend to sort cellulite, can help in that area too.
What's the routine? During an Accent treatment, the skin is smoothed over with a head that heats the inner layer of your skin. Using radio frequency technology, it helps promote the creation of collagen, which immediately gives a tighter effect. And, over time, new collagen develops to further tighten and firm skin. "This is more than a facial, it's a medical treatment for skin laxity," says dermatologist and fan, Dr Elisabeth Dancey. "I'd suggest that the sooner you have the treatment, the better, and the more long-lasting the results will be." So if you're noticing the first signs of droopiness, nip things in the bud.
The result? If your skin hasn't drooped too far, firmer facial contours can be yours. Bonus, it works on the body too.


Face lifters for the knife nervous


It's true that as we age our mouth gets a downward droop and our chin ages with lines and obvious pores. Aestheticians, such as Dr Tracy Mountford, understand our angst and work magic with filler/rejuvenator combos.
What's the routine? If you're worried about lip overfill, don't be. "The key is for the lower face to be in keeping with the rest," says Dr Mountford. "You can't put 25-year-old lips on a 60 year old." The treatment is simple: a little Restylane hyaluronic acid filler injected into the corners of the mouth for a gentle lift. Then Restylane Vital, a lightweight skin rejuvenator, to tidy up fine lines around the mouth, and finally, some Vital Light into the pink of the lip to hydrate and gently plump the lips in a subtle way.
The result? No kidding, soft, shapely lips with a gentle upward curve that gets rid of that glum look, and hydrated skin all around - fantastic!

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