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Juvederm Ultra

24/03/2016 at 09:46:14 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Juvederm Ultra is a range of smooth consistency gels made from hyaluronic acid- a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps to hydrate and add volume. Dr Alison Duncan at Medical Cosmetic Service uses this product as the main filler in her clinics, because of the smooth, natural look it gives and the fact that it contains local anaesthetic which aids comfort of the injections.
Juvederm Ultra has good longevity, with 75% of patients maintaining an improvement for up to one year. Juvederm Ultra will instantly redefine your lips, smooth away your facial wrinkles and restore your skin's volume. It provides a smooth natural look and feel. You will notice the results yourself, but no one will know!
i always offer numbing cream with my filler treatments; I don't endorse the no pain, no gain philosophy. I definitely advise against taking alcohol and aspirin/ ibuprofen several days before treatment, to minimise the risk of bruising. Antihistamine helps to reduce any puffiness experienced with lip injections, and arnica pillules do help to reduce the risk of bruises.
The treatment is always preceded by a full medical consultation, and you are reassured that a qualifies doctor is doing the treatment at Medical Cosmetic Service clinics. 

New Threadvein Treatment

22/03/2016 at 09:55:32 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Nubway, a reputable  Chinese company,  have developed a machine which is portable and easy to use for the treatment of threadveins. I can now offer this therapy in both my clinics, to help eradication of all those little annoying streaks that don't stay covered with foundation or concealer, and can make wearing beach wear a nightmare if they are on the legs.
The treatment has immediate effects, and does not affect normal daily life and work. The whole treatment occurs at the skin surface; no piercing of the skin, so no damage, bleeding or scarring. There will be short lived redness over the treated area for 24 hours, which can be concealed by makeup. No needle marks or massive worsening of the veins as with microsclerotherapy. The small stylus is ideal for treating around the nose, too.
 All kinds of redness can be treated such as threadveins, spider web like veins, cherry lesions, telangectasia, Cambell de Morgan spots.
it can also be used on skin bumps, milia, flat wart, fat particles, pigmentatory lesions such as age spots and sun spots.
Look at> watch for videos to see exactly how well it works. 
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Juvederm Vycross Range

22/03/2016 at 08:57:04 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Allergan have added to their range of Juvederm with a Vycross spectrum which really is a spectacular innovation. The Vycross collection of hyaluronc acid dermal fillers includes
  1. Voluma, intended to restore volume for the face, for example in temples, mid face region, chin and jaw
  2. Volift for treatment of deep skin depressions, face contouring and volume restoration to correct facial deformities,Moulmein loss in the cheeks, chin and lower face
  3. Volbella to treat any fine lines and medium sized skin depressions; enhancement of putting of the lips to correct structural defects such as asymmetry, contour deformities and volume loss.
Volume loss is a fundamental component of facial ageing. Contributing factors include fat redistribution, skeletal remodelling and other changes in tissue composition. Hyaluronc acid fillers are an establishes means of addressing volume loss, correcting contour defeats and providing support and structure to the face.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide polymer present in the human dermis. Due to its chemical structure, it is highly water soluble and will readily dissolve to form a viscous clear liquid. The hyaluronic acid in fillers is stabilised to increase longevity, as uncross linked hyaluronic acid will stay in the skin only for a few days. Structurally, hyaluronic acid fillers are similar to native tissue, providing excellent biocompatibility and good tissue integration.
Vycross technology is a mix of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, combined with a cross linking process which results in an efficiently and tightly cross linked gel. This tight hyaluronic acid network results in:
Greater resistance to degradation, delivering long-lasting duration (12-18 months
Minimal gel expansion due to low water uptake coiled with lots w hyaluronic acid concentration 
This new version ethnology allows for repositioning tissues, and strengthening muscle pull to result in a liquid facelift , without looking done or bulky.

Thread vein treatment

09/02/2016 at 10:57:15 | by Dr Alison Duncan
I trained in the treatment of Threadveins over 12 years ago, and my technique has not changed since then. I use the method of microsclerotherapy for leg veins, and IPL or microsclerotherapy for the face.and décolletage. 
There are lots of names for these blemishes; Threadveins, spider veins, broken capillaries, telangectasia, Campbell de Morgan spots are another type of red coloured blemish that can be easily treated.  
Microsclerotherapy involves injecting an irritant solution into the vein, so that the vein walls stick together. The vein is no longer a pipe shape, and cannot carry blood along it, getting rid of the blue, red, purple line which is the blood present in the vein. I use Sclerovein or Scleremo solutions licensed for this purpose.
Veins around the nose can be particularly annoying, as makeup never seems to give adequate coverage for the whole day. I find injecting those veins is the best method. Patches of broken capillaries on cheeks can be dealt with by intense pulsed light ( IPL ). 
The main thing to realise is that both type of treatment generally make the veins look worse before they get better, and it is best to plan ahead. Give it 4-6 weeks after the treatment if you want to play it safe, and have things settle completely. 2-3 treatments of microsclerotherapy will be required and 6 of IPL. Enter ally treatments are performed a fortnight apart. 
Data shows that that microsclerotherapy gives a good result in 80% of cases. I don't think 100% clearance can happen, but if your leg veins are stopping you from sport or wearing shorts on holiday, the effect is pretty transformational.  
I I think that I've had more hugs after treating someone's threadveins than with any other treatment I do. It really can make a huge difference to confidence and can be life changing! 

Treating sagging eyelids with PLEXR

08/02/2016 at 13:30:12 | by Dr Alison Duncan
The eye area is a popular area for discontent, starting with dark shadows, crows feet, and then lines and sagging eyelids, never mind eyebags!
Botox is great for controlling crows feet, collagen induction treatments help dark shadows, thin skin, and fine lines. But when you find, you can pull your eyelid, easily, between finger and thumb, you'll be wondering if you should have surgery. If you find your eyeliner smudges on your brow, you will be considering something to tighten the skin. This is where PLEXR comes in.
Plexr is a non- invasive treatment that uses ionisation of gases in the air, forming plasma. This creates a small electrical arc to treat problem areas on the body. Small 500 micron spots made with PLEXR shrink excess skin, visibly  tightening as the treatment is happening.
This is a non- invasive therapy; no cutting or bleeding; just tiny little scabs for 3-5 days that can immediately be covered by makeup
As with all treatments for skin, more than one treatment will be needed ( on average 2-3 treatments) and at least 6 weeks rest between them. It is safe for all skin types.
Plexr is a major advance in eye treatments, providing a non invasive alternative to surgical blepharoplasty, at the fraction of the cost.
it can be used for smile lines around the eyes, sagging eyelids, lines extending from eyes to cheeks, skin tags and xanthelasmata.
look at for more information, before and after photos and videos of procedures being performed. Click on Soft Surgery System and choose PLEXR on the menu.
Cost: R and L upper and lower lids £500
Upper or lower lids £350 

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