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06/03/2018 at 11:25:33 | by Dr Alison Duncan
I love doing threadlift procedures, because of the results they produce. A subtle, fresh and younger face, jaw and neckline can be possible, just by zip locking the lower layers of the face. if you ever pull your cheeks up when looking at yourself in the mirror, then this is the treatment for you.
i have trained in techniques such as Aptos threads, Contour threadlift, Happy Lift and Silhouette Lift over the past 10 years. But the best as far as I am concerned, are PDO threads, which I have been using for the last year. Polydioxanone threads have been used for the past 30 years in tissue engineering and surgery. It is the type of material that is used for stitching wounds in hospitals, so SAFE.
PDO threads can create facial rejuvenation, anti-ptosis  and lipolysis. Skin remodelling occurs due to the production of more capillaries, more fibroblasts and less fat cells.
The procedure can be combined and enhanced with PRP ( platelet rich plasma), Botox, Mesotherapy, and Aqualyx. It is also a procedure that can be topped up every few years , as a maintenance  treatment. 
I Like the 5 point face lift as taught by Dr Jacques Otto. It is the simplest and kindest way to give the uplift that we all want, with only one tiny incision by the ear, which heals really quickly. After some days of swelling and possible bruising, you'll see your face taking shape beautifully. I've had it done, so I'm very happy to recommend! 
The threads can be used for mid and lower face, brow and neck. 
This procedure is is performed by Dr Alison Duncan at both of her clinics in Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire and Swindon, Wiltshire.


24/03/2016 at 09:48:27 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Botox anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular treatment at Medical Cosmetic Service. Dr Alison Duncan is experienced in offering a light touch and also total neutralisation of muscular movement when appropriate. Botox  is used to inject specific areas of the face to ease out lines and wrinkles, and also underarms to prevent excess sweating ( hyperhidrosis). 
The he most popular areas for Botox treatment are
  • Frown lines and wrinkles
  • Forehead lines and creases between the brows
  • Crows feet and laughter lines 
  • Wrinkly chin
  • Underarms (hyperhidrosis)
Having a natural look means you are still able to show expressions after having Botox. It should not be obvious that you have had Botox. In fact you should look as if you don't need it!
There are various brands and types of Botox. At Medical Cosmetic Service, I use Azzalure, a French brand, which will last 3-5 months.
There are few contraindications to the use of Botox, but these would be cleared during your assessment with me as a Doctor. There are few complications and safety issues; the NHS clinic and theatre fridges are full of Botox! It is used in much higher doses in general medicine and for a longer time period, than in cosmetic medicine. If it wasn't a safe and effective treatment, it wouldn't be used in the NHS. Give it a go! It's not addictive, and you can try it just the once without any long term issues. If you do have Botox regularly, your wrinkles and lines will only get better, not worse. What's not to like?
Dr Alison Duncan
Medical Cosmetic Service
07721 456220 
admin @medicalcosmeticservice 

Treating sagging eyelids with PLEXR

08/02/2016 at 13:30:12 | by Dr Alison Duncan
The eye area is a popular area for discontent, starting with dark shadows, crows feet, and then lines and sagging eyelids, never mind eyebags!
Botox is great for controlling crows feet, collagen induction treatments help dark shadows, thin skin, and fine lines. But when you find, you can pull your eyelid, easily, between finger and thumb, you'll be wondering if you should have surgery. If you find your eyeliner smudges on your brow, you will be considering something to tighten the skin. This is where PLEXR comes in.
Plexr is a non- invasive treatment that uses ionisation of gases in the air, forming plasma. This creates a small electrical arc to treat problem areas on the body. Small 500 micron spots made with PLEXR shrink excess skin, visibly  tightening as the treatment is happening.
This is a non- invasive therapy; no cutting or bleeding; just tiny little scabs for 3-5 days that can immediately be covered by makeup
As with all treatments for skin, more than one treatment will be needed ( on average 2-3 treatments) and at least 6 weeks rest between them. It is safe for all skin types.
Plexr is a major advance in eye treatments, providing a non invasive alternative to surgical blepharoplasty, at the fraction of the cost.
it can be used for smile lines around the eyes, sagging eyelids, lines extending from eyes to cheeks, skin tags and xanthelasmata.
look at for more information, before and after photos and videos of procedures being performed. Click on Soft Surgery System and choose PLEXR on the menu.
Cost: R and L upper and lower lids £500
Upper or lower lids £350 

The delicate eye area

04/02/2016 at 16:23:08
I offer a selection of treatments for problems such as droopy eyelids, fat bags, sleep lines, dark shadows,smile lines and tired saggy eyes. Botox is ideal for reducing movement of the underlying muscle, to prevent the skin creasing. But once there are residual lines at rest, then we are in a different kind of territory. The main of treatment is to either stimulate more collagen in the dermis, or add it artificially with Juvederm filler.
I offer an alternative extensive range of therapies for the eye area, because I know how patients see the eye area as very important to them; it reflects their general wellbeing and state of mind.So I've got a variety of treatments, with different appearances during the recovery, and length of time of recovery.
Plexr and Pixel laser are no- needle treatments, and Mesotherapy, Dermapen and PRP all involve needling. They will all improve the thickness of the dermis, making the skin less creasable.
Mesotherapy is ideal for fat bags, with improvement over just a few days! Why bother with surgery, when there are lots of non- surgical alternatives?

Offer on Hyperhidrosis treatment (underarm perspiration)

19/07/2013 at 10:47:11 | by Liz Tilton

Special Offer on Hyperhidrosis treatment
(underarm perspiration / excessive sweating)


Feel comfortable for Summer!
(Can last up to a year)

Only £350
(usual price £450) until end of September 2013
Please call us now on 0845 226 1344 to make an appointment.

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