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New offers and information

18/09/2018 at 12:22:51
Hi All,
I thought I?d let you know that PRX-33 is on offer at £250 per treatment (previously £350). This is an easy and quick way to bring firmness and glow to your skin. It works by getting acid to sink into the dermis, thereby stimulating collagen. The epidermis is barely affected because of new technology involved, so that there is minimal/ no recovery: maybe just a tiny bit of dryness. Definitely one of my go to treatments.
If you have had enough of looking at that double chin or jelly belly then consider Aqualyx fat cell busting injections. These are ideal for ?spot welding? and can focus on any part of the body that is a bit podgy. The inflammation caused helps to retract the overlying skin, so need to worry about saggy skin afterwards either. Price is £350 per area. 
Plexr treatment can can be used to get rid of moles, skin tags and lumps on the face and body. There is no cutting; the plasma technology disappears the tissue in a puff of smoke, leaving a small scorch mark which will heal within a week. This allows for bumps to be removed that would otherwise need a plastic surgery approach. Price is £150 for the first and £50 for subsequent mole removal.
For further information contact  Dr Alison Duncan on 07721 456220 or email More information can be found on

Mesotherapy for cellulite

27/04/2018 at 13:53:02 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Mesotherapy involves injections of organic compounds and vitamins into the skin. One of the ways it can be used is for the treatment of cellulite. Typically cellulite is seen on thighs, and can affect what we wear. 
A course of cellulite injections is easy to tolerate and shows results quickly. One treatment which will cover the front and back of thighs costs £150 currently while the treatment is on special offer.
For enquiries contact Dr Alison Duncan on 07721 456220 by phone or text, or email
Dr Alison Duncan is the medical director of Medical Cosmetic Service which has clinics at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire and Swindon, Wiltshire. 

Aqualyx to help you get ready for summer

24/04/2018 at 12:43:41 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Aqualyx injections are an easy way to minimise excess zones of fat. It is an ideal alternative to fat freezing ( painful and used for very small areas) and liposuction ( downtime painful and prolonged with body garments to wear) .
Aqualyx works by chemically dissolving the membrane of fat cells, allowing the contents to be metabolised and excreted normally without any problems. There will be tenderness in the area while this chemical reaction occurs over the next few weeks. The overlying skin is involved in the reaction so that it retracts and shrinks as the fat dissolves, avoiding excess skin later. 
Aqualyx costs £350 per zone which is the surface area of two hands. Multiple areas will be allowed a discount. Areas to be treated are jowls, double chin, belly, thighs, upper arms, moobs, back etc.
Enquiries can be direct to Dr Alison Duncan, Medical Cosmetic Service on 07721 456220 by Phone or text, or via email:

Botox: the best starter treatment for upper facial rejuvenation

22/04/2018 at 19:13:08 | by Dr Alison Duncan
Botox is the simplest treatment for lines in the upper face e.g. forehead, between the brows( number 11s), and smile lines( crows feet).
The upper face is priced by these 3 areas. One area costs £220, two areas cost £270 and three areas cost £320.
Botox is available at Dr Alison Duncan?s clinics at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire and Swindon, Wiltshire. Opening times are 10am -6pm Monday to Friday, with some Saturday appointments. 

New Opening Times at Medical Cosmetic Service

19/04/2018 at 11:54:37 | by Dr Alison Duncan
There are two clinics run by Dr Alison Duncan at Medical Cosmetic Service. They are at Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire and Swindon, Wiltshire. Patients can be seen Monday to Friday and occasional Saturdays in the Frampton clinic. The Swindon clinic opens on Wednesdays and Fridays, but patients may be seen on other days on request.
The is a wide variety of treatments available, all performed personally by Dr Alison Duncan. Botox, fillers, laser, IPL, PDO threads, cellulite Mesotherapy, Dermapen, PRX-T33, Profhilo are all available. Consultations are free and available Monday to Friday.

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