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Have you ever found yourself pulling the skin on your cheeks upwards, thinking this is what I want? But don't want a facelift! 
A PDO thread lift is able to lift the sagging tissues from top down, using a similar mechanism to internally zip locking your face. The threads help to reposition the cheeks back to where they used to be, with the lower face being pulled up too.
Five threads inserted, with local anaesthetic, into the face through a tine hole at the hairline will reposition the cheeks and jawline, eliminating marionette lines and jowls. Further threads to the neck will tighten the dreaded crepey sagging neckline resulting in a tighter fresher looking skin.
No one wants to look as if they have had anything "done". We all want a pretty and natural look, feeling well presented and look as best as we can. This is the philosophy of this type of thread lift, which avoids snagging with cogs and a long downtime. Give yourself 5 days of not looking quite at your best. There will be an immediate lift seen after the procedure but this will only get better over 3-6 months, and will last 2-3 years.
There is no limit to the areas that can be treated e.g. Nose to mouth lines, jowls, jaw lines, neck and even tummy and arms.
I trained in thread lifting 10 years ago, and have used 4 different techniques. In my experience, a 5 point PDO threadlift gives the best results with the least downtime.
Prices vary according to number and type of threads as this is a bespoke procedure. As a guide:

10 thread facelift  = £1500
Neck lift from £600

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