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If you want to tighten up your eyelids, you may have considered that it is too scary and expensive.I offer an alternative which does not involve cutting, bruising or a long recovery time. The technology uses a lightening bolt of energy to eradicate the loose skin. This is called sublimation, in which a solid ( the skin) is transformed in to gas ( plume of smoke) in seconds. Basically the skin disappears in front of my eyes, as I work along the loose skin and tighten the area, rather like a magic wand. There will be swelling for 2-3 days, and small scabs drop off after 5-7 days.
for further information, photos and videos look on the FUSIONGT website here.
PLEXR allows a major advance in eye treatments, more than one treatment will be needed ( on average 2 treatments) and at least 4 weeks apart. It is safe for all skin types.
COST : Upper R and L blepharoplasty  £500
             Upper or lower R and L blepharoplasty £350
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