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Tired eyes, Tear Troughs and Dark Circles
If you always look tired after you?ve had a good night?s sleep, it can be disheartening and make you look older than your years. Tear trough treatment is a non- surgical 20 minute eye lift that can restore your looks instantly. As we age, the delicate skin area under the eye becomes lax and the cheek descends into the middle of the face leaving semi-circular creases and depressions known as Tear Troughs. These depressions make the eyes look sunken and produce the illusion of darkening around the eyes resulting in dark circles or tired eyes.
Dermal fillers can be used to eliminate the hollow you may have beneath your eyes and bring them back from the depths. By lifting these depressions, one can take away the tired appearance and lighten the dark circles caused by shadowing. The filler Dr Alison Duncan uses is Teosyal Redensity11 which, as a low density hyaluronic acid, has the ideal properties for treating this delicate area, as well as containing amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins to stimulate collagen. The filler is injected with a cannula ( blunt needle) which minimises the risk of bruising.
At the free consultation, Dr Alison Duncan will assess the whole face including the eye and cheek area. If the shadowing is caused or magnified by loss of volume in the cheek, injection of filler into this area may be advised.Also, while dermal filler treatment is beneficial for true tear Troughs, the appearance of dark circles may actually be the result of small blood vessels under the skin. These blood vessels can cause the appearance of dark circles when they leak small amounts of blood, or become more visible due to thinning of the skin. Laser can be used to stimulate more collagen in a very thin/fine peri-orbital area. Genetics can also be a factor, particularly those with very fair or dark types, who are just prone to dark circles. In these cases it is more advisable to conceal than correct. The key thing to find out is which, if any treatment is appropriate and this is why a consultation is so important.
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