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The Treatment consists of application of a gel containing gel Trichloroacetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and Kojic acid. The hydrogen peroxide allows delivery of the acids straight to the dermis to stimulate growth factors, without the peeling affect that one would expect with traditional TCA(trichloroacetic acid).
It is ideal for:
Laxity of the skin on face and body
Tightening jowls
Cheek lines
Crows feet
Forehead lines
To make the décolletage area firmer
Tighten sagging neck
Stretch marks
Open pores
Brightening the skin
Making wrinkled skin look fuller
Improvement of sunspots, chloasma and melasma
The procedure:
A solution with the consistency of gel is rubbed onto previously cleansed skin. The patient feels no burning or pain during the treatment. After the procedure, moisturising cream is applied to the skin. The skin may be visibly taut and swollen( plumped out), but there will be no redness. The slight swelling of the skin lasts 2-3 days and shiny skin and slight dryness may accompany the swelling. Makeup can be applied immediately after this procedure so this really is a lunchtime procedure. You can resume normal activities immediately. The procedure can be repeated once per week, and a series of 3-5 treatments is recommended. The treatment is not photosenstising so can be performed at any time of year. It is suitable for all skin types.