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Semi-Permanent Make-Up

What Is Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Semi-permanent make-up or micropigmentation is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. This revolutionary method involves implanting tiny amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

 Eyelash treatment: photos taken before and after procedure.

What does the procedure involve?

A treatment usually begins with an allergy test, at least 24 hours before treatment. On the day of your appointment, a 'before' photo will be taken to start your client record file. A topical anaesthetic will be applied to numb the treatment area, except in the case of lips where a dental block is advised. The shape and the colour you require is chosen and you will need to sign a consent form. You will return for a touch up session about one month later.


How much does a treatment cost?

£350 for areas as detailed below. This includes a consultation, sensitivity test, initial and second treatments, including numbing methods.

 Lipliner treatment: photos taken before and after procedure.

What treatments are available?

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Lipliner


How long will it last?

Semi-permanent make-up is considered permanent as the implanted pigment cannot be washed off. In time, as with any tattoo, fading will occur requiring periodic maintenance. Semi-permanent make-up can last from one to three years and will gradually fade away.


Is it painful?

Anaesthetic creams are applied prior to and throughout treatment to keep any discomfort to a minimum. For most people it isn't painful. Others may find it a little uncomfortable, depending on the individual's pain threshold.

 Eyebrow treatment: photos taken before and after procedure.

Is it safe?

Yes - the strictest hygiene and sterilisation standards are followed; new, sterile needles are used for every client.. Clients also have the option of having an allergy test which must be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment. All treatments are carried out by a trained and qualified female doctor.


Who Is It For?

  • Anyone and everyone who desires a natural enhancement and to give freedom from the daily application of make-up.
  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all their facial hair, including eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Chemotherapy patients who may lose facial hair would benefit from semi-permanent make-up before or after treatment.
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up.
  • People with unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up through arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease etc.
  • Anyone who suffers allergies from conventional make-up.



Whether you have little brow hair or none the results are fantastic. Semi- permanent make-up will frame the eyes and the face giving an instant lift. It looks more natural than pencil and of course won't rub off.

 All three treatments: photos taken before and after procedure.


The perfect treatment to give the lips definition; they will look fuller and it can help reshape uneven lips. The treatment will help to prevent lipstick bleeding.


Eyelash enhancement

A soft, natural line is applied into the lash line to give the appearance of thicker lashes.


After care

You may resume your normal activities straight after treatment. There may be slight swelling or redness in the area which will go down quickly. The treated area will always appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment. This will lighten and soften over the next few days while the skin heals. There may be a scabbing over the area during healing. It is important not to pick or scratch this as it may dislodge the pigment.

Your semi-permanent make-up may need one or two finishing touches about a month after initial application of pigment to adjust shape colour or density. This is included in the treatment price.

It is recommended that you keep up with your semi-permanent make-up and try to have a repeat application once a year. This will prevent fading and will strengthen, thicken or darken the original treatment.

  • DO NOT use sunbeds, sauna etc for at least 14 days.
  • DO NOT apply anything to treated area (soap, cleansers etc), only Vaseline to brows and lips.
  • DO NOT touch, pick or rub treated area - this may cause colour loss or infection.
  • DO NOT pick scabs.
  • DO NOT apply any make-up to the treated area.
  • DO apply Zovirax cream to lips 5 days before and after treatments if you suffer from coldsores. An alternative is to ask for Zovirax tablets.
 Photos taken before and after full make-over.


  • Lipliner may lose up to 60% colour in the first few weeks
  • Other treated areas may lose up to 30% of their initial colour
  • Eyeliner may feel itchy or scratchy while healing
  • Treated areas will be more exact, dark & intense when first treated, until completely healed
  • The skin will take 3-7 days to get back to normal
  • Longer term: always use a sunscreen or make-up to prevent colour change and loss
Brow liner £350
Eye liner (top and bottom) £350
Lipliner £350


Anon, from Seven Fields, says:

In the early seventies, when it was the height of fashion to shave off your eyebrows and draw a thin line, I did just that! unfortunately mine never grew back, but a few weeks ago I had semi-permanent make-up applied to my eyebrows and what a difference!. They look absolutely fantastic. The procedure was quick, painless ( just a tingly sensation for about 5 minutes ) and the results are so effective. I am so pleased with the results.

Anon, from Seven Fields, says:

 I have always had fair hair and as I have got older my eyebrows had become whiter!  I decided to visit Dr Duncan at her clinic at Seven Fields Dental Health Centre and after a full discussion and patch test I booked in for semi permanent eyebrows.  I am so pleased with the results it looks really natural in colour and shape and I can honestly say that it was not painful at all.  I wish I had done it years ago and saved myself years of having them dyed.  Thanks so much.

Anon, from Gloucestershire, says:

  • I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you have done on my semi-permenent make-up. I had been considering this for a little while, and decided it was time to do something about it.
  • The results were fantastic. It took a couple of weeks for the colour to come through, but when it finally settled down I was thrilled with the results. I had my eyeliner done in a soft shade of greyish blue. It all looks so natural and I don't ever have to worry about applying my eyeliner in the morning before work anymore, just the foundation and mascara.
  • Many thanks for your patience and attention to detail.

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