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Scar Tissue / Stretch Marks

Scars are permanent companions of humans. They may differ in appearance, depending on a number of factors like depth and mechanism of trauma or inflammation, adequacy of treatment, localisation etc. However, all scars leave marks not only on the body, but in the soul as well. Almost all patients would like either to get rid of their scars, or at least improve their appearance. The causes for scarring are manifold including home accidents, cuts, emergencies, surgery and skin inflammatory diseases. Post-burn scars hold a unique position in this list. Burn scars in the vast majority are either hypertrophic scars of keloids.
Presently, there are few methods capable of any substantial improvement in the appearance of burn scars. Most of these methods employ epidermal removal and disruption of dermis continuity, and consequently bear the threat of new scarring. Moreover, such procudures are often followed by hyper- or hypopigmentation. At present, the least traumatic method to treat varying types of burn scars is Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) (or Dermaroller Therapy). With this method, both the epidermis and dermis continuity remain intact, which makes this method clearly less traumatic. Please look at Dermaroller Therapy under our list of Treatments. Stretch Marks can be improved using either Dermaroller, Pixel, PRP or Mesotherapy.