Broken Veins / Thread Veins

Remove veins and be more confident with your face and legs

Thread vein, also known as spider or broken veins, are one of those physical characteristics you probably never think about until they appear on your body.

Typically appearing on the legs, these veins affect up to 88% of women and 79% of men.

Medically called ‘telangiectasia’, thread veins on the legs are very small blood vessels within the living layer of the skin (the dermis) that have become dilated and visible. Very small ones start out as red in colour and as they get bigger, their colour changes from purple to green.

Contrary to popular belief, these can appear at any age. As with the majority of medical conditions, thread veins are more common the older you get but that doesn’t mean young people won't get them as it can be passed on genetically.

What causes thread veins? 

The biggest influence on thread veins is your parents and the genes they gave you. The stronger the familial link, and the more relatives you have with these veins, the more likely you are to have them.

I have treatments that can help reduce the appearance of thread veins and broken veins.

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