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Dermamelan Peel was introduced into Medical Cosmetic Service over 10 years and is the best treatment for stubborn pigmentation such as melasma, chloasma and lentigo. It can also be effective in reducing the signs of photodamage on the skin, regulation of oil secretion, reducing pore size and helping to prevent breakouts. It can improve the overall luminosity, glow and tone of the skin.

I have found this treatment to be quite intense and prolonged and you will require support and advice along the way. 

Dermamelan contains Kojic acid, phytic acid, ascorbic acid, arbutinine, titanium oxide and retinal palmitate, which block the production of melanin by irreversibly inhibiting tyrosinase. This enzyme is involved in melanin syntheses. The process does not make the melanocytes disappear, but simply paralyses or stops melanin production, without the risk of white blemishes appearing, thus improving the complexion of your skin long term.

I am always available, even at weekends for queries from my clients. I would rather a concern is settled quickly and easily due to my knowledge of how the product works, rather than someone getting more and more anxious until the clinic is open. This is what makes Medical Cosmetic Service stand out: My attention to detail and personalised service.

Treatments are available at my clinics at Bute House, Bridge Road, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL2 7HA and Sevenfields Dental Health Centre, Woodcutters Mews, Swindon, SN25 4AU.

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Dermamelan FAQ

The skin will be cleaned and the Dermamelan mask applied. This is quick and straightforward and takes approx 20 minutes. You will leave the clinic with the mask on your face where it must remain undisturbed for around 12 hours. You can remove the mask at home with soap and water and you will then adhere to the maintenance routine as discussed during the treatment session.

Redness, peeling and flaking of the skin during the first week. The mask is a putty colour and will remain on your face 12 hours after leaving the clinic. You may need to factor this in and cancel any social engagements immediately following your visit to the clinic.

The Dermamelan mask is usually applied once. In cases of severe pigmentation, a second mask can be applied a couple of weeks after your first treatment to ensure you get the best possible results. You will need to use Dermamelan home care products for several months after your treatment.

Depending on the severity of your pigmentation and the speed at which you fully heal after your treatment, (usually around 3-6 days) you will see a noticeable improvement in the tone and luminosity of your skin after approx 2-8 weeks. You will need to continue home care for up to 12 months to prevent further pigmentation recurring.

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