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I trained in the use of fillers over 15 years ago, initially in London and then I learnt further techniques during training in Toronto and Paris. I specifically use Juvéderm® products for volumising lips and the treatment of lip lines. I have done hundreds of lip filler treatments and the look I like to create is a soft, natural one. However, I work with you to achieve the look you desire so we can also achieve a plumper, volumised look if you wish.

As one of the main focal parts of the face, an attractive mouth can really make a difference to your appearance. Whether you were born with naturally thin lips or your lips have lost volume and shape with age, filler treatment offers subtle improvements so that you can enjoy plumper, firmer and more sumptuous looking lips. Lines above the mouth and downturned corners can also be addressed with Dermal Filler, to give you an instant confidence boost. 

The treatment takes about 30 mins and involves the use of local anaesthesia for your comfort. I can use the microcannula technique which minimises the risk of bruising to the lips or the multi-injection method, or a combination of both. Taking antihistamine tablets for a few days beforehand can reduce the post-treatment swelling that may last for up to 48hrs. Arnica tablets taken prior can also reduce the risk of bruising. 

Treatments are available at my clinics at Bute House, Bridge Road, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL2 7 HA and Sevenfields Dental and Health Centre, Woodcutters Mews, Swindon SN25 4AU.

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Lip Fillers Testimonial

A huge thank you to Dr Alison Duncan for giving me beautiful lips. This is the second time that I have been to the Frampton clinic to have my lips done. I was made to feel so welcome and nothing was too much trouble. It was pretty much a pain-free procedure from start to finish. I'm really really pleased with my lips; they're very natural looking and exactly what I wanted. So thank you very much and I’ll see you soon xx

Claire, Gloucestershire

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Lip Fillers FAQ

Dermal Filler treatment adds volume to thin lips, corrects uneven lip shape and smoothes out smoker’s lines. Hare lip can also be treated with Dermal Fillers.

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that naturally occurs in the dermis of the skin. It can be found in many beauty products as it attracts water. It can hold up to 1000x it’s own weight in water, which makes it an excellent hydrator. The brand I use is Juvéderm®. It comes in different particle sizes which gives better results tailored to the level of volumisation required.

Like any medical treatment, there is a chance that something could go wrong. However, if it is performed by an experienced and qualified practitioner such as myself, it is a safe option. As a medical practitioner, I can prescribe medication if anything unexpected happens and you can rest assured that I can use an injectable antidote if it is advised that the filler should be dissolved.

You will be offered anaesthesia for this treatment, either in the form of numbing cream for the multi-injection technique or local anaesthetic for the microcannula technique. You can have a dental block also if this is required. Juvéderm® filler even has a dose of the anaesthetic lidocaine mixed in the gel, which will further help to numb the area to maximise your comfort.

As needles are involved there will be some pinpoint bleeding and the possibility of bruising. The microcannula technique reduces this to a minimum, as a needle does not touch the lip. The microcannula is instead, inserted into the lip from the side of the mouth, after a little bit of anaesthetic has been injected.

You will be advised to avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil supplements for a few days beforehand as they increase the risk of bruising. If you do tend to bruise easily, I recommend taking arnica pills for 3 days before the procedure. If you tend to bruise badly, I can prescribe medication for you to take.

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